The Soda Challenge

If you know me, you know that I have a major sweet tooth. Soda is definitely my biggest weakness when it comes to sweets. I’ve even been trying to cutback on how much Dr. Pepper I drink on a regular basis and let me tell you, it’s been tough. I’m always open to trying new flavors of soda though and I’ve found that there are some pretty wild soda flavors out there.

This past weekend I was having an unrelenting craving for sweets, so I took a trip to Rocket Fizz in Burbank, California to satisfy this craving. While I was there, I discovered a lot of different, and very weird, soda flavors made my Lester’s Fixins and got the idea to challenge JJ to a soda challenge. We had our parents buy us 10 different sodas from Rocket Fizz and did a blind taste test to see if we could figure out which flavor soda we were drinking.

JJ and I hoped that we would love all the flavors, but some flavors, like ranch and bacon, are better left out of soda pop. All in all, this challenge was definitely not what we expected! Watch the video to find out why. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay updated on all my latest videos.