Monthly Archives: April 2016

A Super Shopping Trip

It all started out as an ordinary trip to Target. JJ and I were spending some time in our favorite part of the store, the toy aisle, while mom and dad got some household shopping done. We were checking out the new 3D plus me … Read More »

Flatbush Zombies Interview

Recently, I’ve teamed up with All Def Digital as one of the new hosts for their YouTube show Arts and Raps. As the host, I get to hangout with all different types of rappers, paint cool pictures with them and ask them whatever questions pop … Read More »

Selling Cookies Prank at Trader Joe’s

Watch out Girl Scouts, there are some new cookie salesmen on the block and they do not play around when it comes to selling tasty treats. This week, Sonny, JJ and I headed down to our local Trader Joe’s and decided to put our sales … Read More »

The 80s Mystery Reunion

Do you remember what life was like during the 80s? I sure don’t! But from what I’ve heard, it was one of the most influential decades on today’s way of life. From old high school yearbook photos to our favorite 80s jams, my friend Wyatt … Read More »

The Cool Whip Challenge

If you were to ask me what my favorite topping is, my answer would always be the same. I love Cool Whip! I put it on everything, even fruit. So I decided to dedicate an entire challenge to the one and only topping that has … Read More »

St. Charles Borromeo School North Hollywood Festival 2016

I’m always up for a festival. I mean, who doesn’t love carnival rides, fun games and greasy foods with their best friends and family? This past weekend all of my fellow classmates, as well as my family and even my brother JJ, attended the 32nd … Read More »

America vs. Australia Cultural Differences

When I first moved to Hollywood, California, I knew that I would be meeting a lot of new people and making new friends. I was even really excited at the thought of all the cool celebrities I would get to see. Even though I was … Read More »

The Whisper Challenge

Shh, quiet on the set! It’s time for another challenge. This week, my best friend Sonny joined me to tackle two different challenges. First we did The Pizza Challenge, and after we were through with that, we played a game to see who could guess … Read More »

The Pizza Challenge

Mama Mia, it’s a pizza party! What could possibly be better than making your own pizza? Making your own pizza with your best friend, of course. My best friend Sonny and I love making pizza, almost as much as we love eating it. So I … Read More »

Baby Food Challenge

It pretty much goes without saying that everyone loves food. Even babies without teeth or any knowledge of what they’re eating seem to fall in love with it too. With all the growth and development happening in a baby’s body, the food they eat is … Read More »