2016 Oscar Predictions

With the 88th annual Academy Awards right around the corner everyone, including myself, is curious to see who will take home the gold. Which movie will win best picture? Will Leonardo DiCaprio finally take home an Oscar for best actor in a leading role? And what designer will everyone in attendance be wearing?

We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out for sure, but until then my brother JJ and I decided to make some of our own award winning picks. We even put on our best designer outfits to get in the mood for the fashion portion of the show.

Even though my brother JJ and I aren’t old enough to watch all the movies that have been nominated for awards, we still wanted to participate in the Oscar buzz. So instead of watching the movies, we decided to make our decision for the winner of Best Picture by judging the movies on their posters. We liked them all, from The Big Short to The Revenant, but there can only be one winner.

Watch the video below to find out who we think is going to win Best Picture at the 88th annual Academy Awards, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay updated on all my latest videos.