Politics and Superheroes

It seems like all anyone ever wants to talk about lately is politics. Everyday it’s Trump said this and Hillary called Bernie that. Whenever I tune in to the political conversation, all I hear is a bunch of name-calling and negativity, and it got me thinking: How are these hateful statements affecting kids my age and the rest of America? So this past weekend I took to the streets of Los Angeles, California to find out.

With more than 10 million visitors annually, I focused my attention on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and had the chance to interview some of the most popular names in Hollywood. We talked all things politics, from light-hearted questions about their favorite president, to the hard-hitting issues and whom they’re voting for this election year. You’d be surprised who they picked as their front running candidate!

After an afternoon full of political discussions, I realized that politicians’ negativity really does affect people and heavily influences who they choose as their leader. I was also happy that I could lighten up the political mood with some much needed comedy.

You can see all the superheroes and Hollywood stars featured in the video below, including answers from my all-time favorite superhero, Batman. Please like, subscribe and share my YouTube Channel to stay updated on all my latest videos, and stay tuned for another new video next week.