How to Apply Makeup

Anyone in the TV and film industry knows that it takes more than just talented actors to produce something great. From camera operators to makeup artists, no job is more or less important to the overall success of the job at hand. I learned this after seeing it all in action my first time on set for a TV commercial and I’ve appreciated the help and hard work of every on-set crew ever since.

After a recent commercial shoot I started to wonder what crew member’s job I would be good at and enjoy doing on-set (other than acting, of course). I started thinking about all those times I sat in hair and makeup watching the artist prep me for my close-ups, and that’s when it hit me. I could totally be a makeup artist.

I decided to take this idea and run with it, so I called up my cousin Macie and asked her if I could practice my newly acquired makeup skills on her. I gathered my makeup essentials, and favorite MAC Cosmetic products, and I got to work. How do you think my first official makeover went? Watch my new video to find out! You’ll also learn some of my favorite makeup application techniques along the way.

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