Baby Food Challenge

It pretty much goes without saying that everyone loves food. Even babies without teeth or any knowledge of what they’re eating seem to fall in love with it too. With all the growth and development happening in a baby’s body, the food they eat is pretty important to fueling all of that. That’s why Gerber makes all natural baby food with the fruits, vegetables and nutrients babies need to grow. And they seem to love it, for the most part.

Every kid ate it at one point, but what do these foods taste like to kids who have already moved past the baby food phase of life? This week, I invited my cousin Macie to find out just how good this all natural baby food really is. We took 12 different baby food flavors and put our stomachs to the test to see if we could guess which flavor we were eating.

It was a challenge to say the least! And where some flavors did not disappoint, others left us not ever needing anymore. Macie and I both did our best to guess the right flavor but at the end of the day, there could only be one winner in this challenge. Watch the video to find out who wins!

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