Pringles Challenge

Smell, taste and make a guess. Sounds pretty easy, right? You’d think so, but when it comes to actually making a guess the decision can be harder than you think. Every week, JJ and I are going to test one another to complete different challenges. This week, we decided to put our taste buds to the test with a chip challenge.

JJ and I love chips, especially Pringles. My favorite flavor is Sour Cream and Onion, and JJ loves Salt and Vinegar. But our love for our favorite flavors was put to the test when we had to guess which flavor was which in a blind taste test. Who do you think knows their favorite flavor the best, me or JJ? May the best brother, or flavor, win!

Watch the video to see who wins! Our next challenge video will be one that we pick from our viewers’ suggestions, so be sure to comment what challenge you want to watch us do next. You can also subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay updated on all my latest videos.

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