A Super Shopping Trip

It all started out as an ordinary trip to Target. JJ and I were spending some time in our favorite part of the store, the toy aisle, while mom and dad got some household shopping done. We were checking out the new 3D plus me personalized action figure experience when things took a turn for the worst.

After realizing I couldn’t make a customized superhero of my all-time favorite hero Batman, I realized I had to settle for Captain America and I was not happy about it. The superhero community was disappointed with my attitude and decided to teach me a lesson by turning me into a Captain America action figure.

The only way out of this mess was through the help of my big brother, JJ Hennessey. He had to put this brain to the test to solve all of the clues that would turn me from action figure back into a kid again, and fast before our parents found out. Watch the video to see if JJ can solve this superhero dilemma in time for us to make it home for dinner.

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