Flatbush Zombies Interview

Recently, I’ve teamed up with All Def Digital as one of the new hosts for their YouTube show Arts and Raps. As the host, I get to hangout with all different types of rappers, paint cool pictures with them and ask them whatever questions pop into my head.

Since I’m always interested in learning about new things, the question possibilities are endless and nothing is ever off-limits in my interviews. On this week’s episode, it was my job to find out as much as possible about the New York based rap trio Flatbush Zombies.

Even though I don’t know that much about rap music and had never heard their music before, it didn’t stop me from asking the hard-hitting question that everyone wanted to know. I also got to make one of my favorite art pieces yet and found out what it means to be from the “Beast Coast.”

Watch the video to learn the answer to these questions and to see what my future rap name would be if I ever decide to get into music. You won’t be disappointed!

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