The 80s Mystery Reunion

Do you remember what life was like during the 80s? I sure don’t! But from what I’ve heard, it was one of the most influential decades on today’s way of life. From old high school yearbook photos to our favorite 80s jams, my friend Wyatt and I moon walk our way back into the present in this week’s YouTube video reunion.

Since we clearly weren’t born in the 80s, we needed to get some help from the experts who lived through the era themselves: our parents. We asked them to compile everything they loved, and hated, about this crazy time and no topic was spared. Wyatt and I were forced to come up with on the spot responses to some of the craziest 80s trends, including cassette tapes and the infamous parachute pants!

This mystery reunion was not only a blast from the past, but a lesson on why things are the way they are today. It was a different way of life in the 80s, and Wyatt and I both agree that we love the decade were in now much more. But there’s still one thing we do love more about the 80s, watch the video to find out what!

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