The Cool Whip Challenge

If you were to ask me what my favorite topping is, my answer would always be the same. I love Cool Whip! I put it on everything, even fruit. So I decided to dedicate an entire challenge to the one and only topping that has my heart, this one’s for you Cool Whip.

I asked fellow child actor and friend, Wyatt Skelley, to take this challenge with me to find out who could find the M&M’s hidden beneath six plates piled high with Cool Whip. The rules of the game are simple: five plates have M&M’s in them and the first person to find three wins the game. So what’s the twist? In this challenge, there are no hands allowed.

If you’ve seen any of my other challenges, then you know that things got competitive, and messy, really fast. So who do you think wins? Watch the video to find out who takes home the crown, along with a face full of Cool Whip!

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