Selling Cookies Prank at Trader Joe’s

Watch out Girl Scouts, there are some new cookie salesmen on the block and they do not play around when it comes to selling tasty treats.

This week, Sonny, JJ and I headed down to our local Trader Joe’s and decided to put our sales skills to the ultimate test. We bought three different boxes of the Joe Joe cookies and took to the sidewalk outside of the store to sell them.

Now, Trader Joe’s sells these boxes of cookies for only $3 and we needed to make some money, so we decided to try and sell each box for double what it costs in the store! Together Sonny, JJ and I turned on our charm and got to work convincing unsuspecting shoppers why they should buy our cookies.

When charm didn’t work, we tried compelling reasoning. Like Donald Trump, we were just trying to make America great again, but inevitably things took a turn for the worse. Let’s just say that after this prank, I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Joe doesn’t want anyone touching his cookie dough!

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