America vs. Australia Cultural Differences

When I first moved to Hollywood, California, I knew that I would be meeting a lot of new people and making new friends. I was even really excited at the thought of all the cool celebrities I would get to see. Even though I was ready for all of these new encounters, I never thought about the possibility of meeting, or even becoming friends with, someone from another country.

But then one day at acting class, I met my friend Matt Goldwyn. He didn’t talk like the rest of us, his accent was a little different and he kept using all these words for things that I’d never heard before. That’s when I found out, he wasn’t from America at all, he was from Australia!

After spending some more time together, I started thinking about all the differences that exist between the American and Australian cultures (there were definitely a lot more than just the accent) and I couldn’t help but find out what makes us so different. So I asked my mate Matt to show me what it’s like being from a land down under, and in return I gave him some American fashion tips to help him blend in a little more.

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