The Whisper Challenge

Shh, quiet on the set! It’s time for another challenge. This week, my best friend Sonny joined me to tackle two different challenges. First we did The Pizza Challenge, and after we were through with that, we played a game to see who could guess what the other person was whispering. Sounds easy right? The only catch is that he can’t hear a word I’m saying because the music’s too loud!

If you’re a fan of The Tonight Show, then you’re no stranger to the infamous Whisper Challenge where Jimmy Fallon and guests compete to see who can guess which two-word phrase the other person is saying while loud music plays through the speakers. Thinking that this has to be easier than it looks, Sonny and I thought this was the perfect challenge to try out for ourselves.

So who’s lip reading skills are better? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

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