St. Charles Borromeo School North Hollywood Festival 2016

I’m always up for a festival. I mean, who doesn’t love carnival rides, fun games and greasy foods with their best friends and family?

This past weekend all of my fellow classmates, as well as my family and even my brother JJ, attended the 32nd annual St. Charles Borromeo School Festival and had the best time ever! From rides that went round and round to games that had the coolest prizes, it was definitely a day to remember.

I even got to interview my teacher Mr. Nicklas, who’s not only been teaching at St. Charles Borromeo for 10 years but was also a student there himself. I couldn’t believe that this festival has been around since he was in 2nd grade!

Going on all of the rides was definitely the best part of my day, since I wasn’t very good at the carnival games (I think they’re rigged). At the end of the day there was definitely no contest when it came to the coolest ride, we all agreed that one ride was better than all the rest. Watch the video to find out which one, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.