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How to Apply Makeup

Anyone in the TV and film industry knows that it takes more than just talented actors to produce something great. From camera operators to makeup artists, no job is more or less important to the overall success of the job at hand. I learned this … Read More »

Brand vs. Generic Taste Test

Picture this: you’re at the grocery store walking up and down the snack aisles looking for your favorite brands of treats. When you reach for the cookies, which one do you grab? The name brand Oreo, or the generic version? If you’re thinking name brand … Read More »

Pringles Challenge

Smell, taste and make a guess. Sounds pretty easy, right? You’d think so, but when it comes to actually making a guess the decision can be harder than you think. Every week, JJ and I are going to test one another to complete different challenges. … Read More »

Not My Arms Challenge – Decorating a Cake

My mom is always baking yummy treats, like cupcakes and other cakes, for me and my brother JJ to enjoy. Not only is she really great at baking cakes, she’s really great at decorating them too. The way her cupcakes look, you’d think they came … Read More »

RIPSTIK Toy Review

With so many toys available to kids today, it can be hard to find one that becomes an instant favorite. But that’s definitely not the case for me. Especially when it comes to the Razor RipStik. This toy became my favorite the second I started … Read More »

The Soda Challenge

If you know me, you know that I have a major sweet tooth. Soda is definitely my biggest weakness when it comes to sweets. I’ve even been trying to cutback on how much Dr. Pepper I drink on a regular basis and let me tell … Read More »

Playground Hunters

Moving to a new city can be tough, especially if you’re a kid. Leaving friends behind is always hard, and making new friends can be difficult at times too. As much as I love living in Los Angeles, I can’t help but miss some of … Read More »

The Brother Challenge

Anyone with a brother or sister knows that sibling rivalries are just a normal everyday part of life as a kid. Big brothers outshine little brothers in sports, and little sisters are always copying whatever their big sister is doing. For better or for worse, … Read More »

2016 Oscar Predictions

With the 88th annual Academy Awards right around the corner everyone, including myself, is curious to see who will take home the gold. Which movie will win best picture? Will Leonardo DiCaprio finally take home an Oscar for best actor in a leading role? And … Read More »

Politics and Superheroes

It seems like all anyone ever wants to talk about lately is politics. Everyday it’s Trump said this and Hillary called Bernie that. Whenever I tune in to the political conversation, all I hear is a bunch of name-calling and negativity, and it got me … Read More »